Heritage sector QR code survey research results

QR codes wanted to scan near you…

New research undertaken by ITiC shows that QR codes are well received in the UK.
The online research is still running and you are welcome to contribute – click here

The research, run throughout June, gathered over 70 responses through around 4,000 email, online and social media link recipients. The key conclusions showed that QR codes have a great future ahead of them for use in the Heritage and Conservation sectors, offering easy on-site interpretation for visitors using any mobile phone with a built-in camera, QR code reader and mobile internet access.


Other conclusions from the research asking about QR codes at heritage locations showed:

  • People wanted QR codes to add benefit through access to new information online
  • They recognised new interpretation locations could be added easily by using QR codes
  • Need for  links from QR codes to web pages and interactive content, video and games
  • Good response to QR codes linked to an audio trail for a better flavour of a heritage site
  • A useful idea to combine QR codes into a mobile phone ‘app’ and map to download
  • The main reason people didn’t scan QR codes already was just they didn’t know how!
  • The ability to download a free mobile QR reader was useful e.g. www.i-nigma.mobi

If you would like to see more about the second research stage with on-site QR codes on the South Downs, please visit www.itsinconservation.co.uk

If you would like to know more about all of the QR Code research results, they will be presented by Andrew Kerry-Bedell at the Association for Heritage Interpretation 2012 Conference, 17th to 19th October, at Hawkstone Park, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire. For more details click here


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